How Yoga is effective for Asthma Sufferers?

A recent study has found that a daily practice of yoga can help asthma suffers in a big way. They will be able to breathe more easily and can be healthy.

An international healthcare non-profit organisation, The Cochrane Review states that yoga can improve the quality of life for people suffering with asthma. The review that was published on Tuesday in the Cochrane Library went on to use some randomised trials that found evidence for yoga improving the quality of life and also the symptoms of sufferers to an extent.

The study further reveals that yoga is a holistic therapy and that it has the potential to relieve the physical as well as the psychological suffering; it could also reduce the medication a person takes in order to cope up with asthma.

One of the popular authors from the University of Hong Kong, Dr Zuyao Yang, stated that the findings discovered that practising yoga can lead to improvements for those with the condition. The researchers examined at 1k plus participants that included both males as well as females in the age group between six months and twenty three years. However, the study does not give a clear picture as to the extent to which yoga can help people with asthma or people with poor lung function.

Dr Zuyao Yang further added that the research team was not sure whether there were any negative side effects to sufferers by practising yoga. The authors went on to add that further research was required to prove if yoga can become an alternative method of relief in place of medication. Asthma affects around three hundred and thirty five million people globally, as per the Global Asthma Report, with the maximum number of sufferers residing in the low and middle income countries.

This is good news for asthma sufferers, as a group of researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong studied the results from 15 studies across the world and found that yoga could actually improve the quality of life for those with the complaint. Yoga basically involves breathing exercises and poses, which are believed to help expand the chest and also in relaxing muscles in the airways. Above all, the meditative aspect of yoga practice can also reduce anxiety that asthma can trigger, and it can boost one’s mood. But asthma is not the only health issue yoga can help and it is never too late to take it up.

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